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We’ll all suffer if the banks collapse! World stock markets are in chaos and the banks are under threat. Fearing financial Armageddon, Tom, Sally and Ahmed strive to find the root cause. The foe they seek is unknown and appears to have limitless power. What personal risks and sacrifice might it take? How can they possibly succeed?

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We’ll all suffer if the banks collapse!
Fearing financial Armageddon, Tom, Sally and Ahmed strive to find the root cause. The foe they seek is unknown and appears to have limitless power. What personal risks and sacrifice might it take? How can they possibly succeed?
 Newly revised Creativia edition of Source http://mybook.to/source – a complex subject but an easy read
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creativia-cover-maksmlAs a special Halloween gift – Zach Abrams is giving you a new FREE scary short story (printed in full below or on a link) AND the chance to buy his novel Made a Killing (first book of his Alex Warren Murder Mystery series) series for only 99c /99p (a massive discount on list price).
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Now for your FREE scary short story

Living Nightmare

I hear the engine’s chug, chug and know I have a problem. I try pumping the accelerator but still the Corsa loses power. After another couple of coughs it freewheels to a stop, embedding its bumper into a rise in the grass verge. There’s nobody else around. My car’s headlights illuminate a stretch of road ahead. To the side it’s bordered by a narrow footpath then a fence but beyond I can see nothing. Marshy fields, I imagine, cloaked in darkness. It’s late, a damp autumn night and heavy clouds are obscuring the moon and stars. There’s a thick mist and a strong breeze. It’s pitch black out there. A shudder runs down my spine.
I look at the dashboard. The clock shows four a.m. and I see the gauge reading zero. I realise I’ve run out of petrol. I had meant to fill up last night but my work shift was changed and I forgot. How stupid, how very, very stupid, on this of all nights.
The car’s warm but I know that will soon change. With the engine stopped the heater won’t be working. This is high ground, one of the most exposed stretches of the moor and it’s a cold wet and windy night. I know I can’t wait here anyway; I’ll be a sitting duck.
My head is fuzzy and my skin feels clammy. This last hour has taken a lot out of me and I’m sick with fear. I try to think. How did it come to this?
I give my head a shake, trying to clear my thinking. I remember now, the shock, the terrible, terrible shock. I couldn’t believe it at first. I thought it must be a nightmare. If only it was then this might be too. But no.
I woke in bed. I remember my eyes were sticky. I could taste and smell the horror even before I saw anything. I remember the metallic taste of blood, the smell of excrement. I had to force my eyes open, and instantly regretted it. The overhead light was blazing, it hurt me to focus, even more so when I could see. On the bed, naked beside me was Kirsty, my gorgeous Kirsty, but no more. Her eyes gazed lifelessly at the ceiling. Her neck was slit, her head almost completely detached; several deep slashes were cut across her body. Her hair, those beautiful blonde tresses, caked in congealed blood. The bed was soaked in it.
The image is still etched on my retinas. I can see it as if she’s right in front of me.
I screamed but no noise came. Who did this? How could it have happened without me knowing? I needed to get help. I saw a trail of blood leading out the door. I followed it to the second bedroom.
Oh my God! Gavin, my best friend Gavin. He’d been staying with us all week while work was going on in his house. He’s dead too, lying face down with deep slashes and blood everywhere.
I knew I needed to call for help.
I ran downstairs to find my phone. The kitchen door was open. I saw the knife block … the space …. the missing cleaver. I made my way towards the phone and that’s when I thought I heard movement … upstairs … walking across the floor. I had to get out.
I grabbed my car keys off the hall stand and ran out the door. Behind me, I’m sure I heard footsteps coming down the stair.
I jumped in the car and raced out the driveway. I turned onto the main street and accelerated forward.
When I caught the glint of headlights in my mirror, I took the first turn, the again and then turned onto the country road. I knew I had to lose him. My life might depend on it.
Now here I am stranded on this secluded country road. I need to get away from the car. I need to find someone who can help.
I switch off the headlights. I don’t want to draw attention to myself. Then I start to walk along the cold, dark, country road.
Gradually my sight adjusts to the darkness. Night vision kicks in and detects a glint of light up ahead in the distance. I move faster. I follow a path leading to the left in the direction of the light. Getting closer, I see a small cottage. I break into a run. I must get help.
I hear noise coming from the road, I can make out a car’s engine, then the sounds of braking.
The cottage is in darkness, save for a nightlight in the hallway. I can see it through the glazed door. I suppose it’s hardly surprising no-one’s awake as it is the middle of the night.
I hammer on the door and then wait. No response. I try again. Nothing.
Perhaps nobody’s at home.
A hear the wind swishing through grass. Is that footsteps too? I can’t be certain.
I daren’t wait any longer; there must be a phone inside.
I pick up a rock and smash a window. I reach in to unlock the catch, then slide the frame open. I’m inside but everything’s in darkness. I can’t see a switch. I move towards what I think must be the hall. I find a handle and pull the door open. There’s distant light, beyond a phone.
But then, footsteps …. heavy ones … coming towards me.
I only see a silhouette. He’s big, very big. He opens a door, the kitchen I think. Now he’s back in front of me. He’s holding a knife, a bread knife by the look of it. He’s raising his hand.
I must defend myself. I need a weapon. I glance around but I see nothing useful. I raise my arm in defence then see it. My knees go weak at the realisation. It’s hopeless … stained with blood and still clutched in my grasp, the cleaver.


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Now for your FREE scary short story

Dark Night

“Hi, Gracie. It’s me. How are you? How are the kids? Good, that’s great news. Yeah, yeah, I’ve had an okay day. All three of my calls have given me orders. Only bad news is that my sodding sat nav’s given up the ghost and I’m in the middle of nowhere. The road I usually take to cut across country was closed because of a landslip. Must have been all the rain we’ve had up here. I’m trying to find a main road so I can look for a hotel to check into for the night, then I’ll drive home tomorrow, so don’t expect me back till then. Kiss the kids for me. Yes, I love you too. By, Darling.”
It’s so dark and the mist rising from the fields is making it impossible to see the road ahead. I’m only doing thirty, but I feel half blind. Bloody Hell, there’s something in the road. I’m skidding. Oh, shit!
It’s dark. Where am I? I can hardly move. Something liquid is running down my face. Where the Hell am I? Oh, yes, I remember now; I was in the car. I’m still in the car, but everything is on its side. I must have crashed. I’ve got to get out of here and get some help, but I can hardly move. I’m trapped. The phone, where’s my phone? There’s moonlight, but I can’t see my phone. God it’s cold. I’m shivering. Can’t stop shaking. I think there’s blood on my face, running into my eyes. I could bleed to death here. Maybe that’s why I’m cold. Maybe I’m bleeding to death. I’ve got to get help. Gracie and the kids need me. I’ve got to get out of this car.
Stop panicking, keep calm, think, think what to do. Look around. What can you see? Is anybody out there? Any lights, any other cars?

It’s dark. Where am I? I’m in the car. I must have passed out. So cold. I’m so cold. I can see light flickering, across the fields. A bonfire maybe. Yes, there’s a house in the distance. It’s lit up. I can’t move dammit. I’m stuck fast. I’ll lay my head on the steering wheel, on the horn. Maybe they’ll hear me. I feel dizzy. Oh, no, I’m passing out again. Don’t let me die here.
“Great party Adam.”
“Yeah, Adam, and your girl’s gorgeous. She making amazing food on the barbie. Of course she’ll be well practiced, being from Oz. You’ve got it made mate. Oh, oh, Andrea’s heading this way, better hide that cigarette, Paul.”
“Can any of you guys hear a car horn. Turn the music down for a minute, Paul. I’m sure I can hear something.”
“Too much booze Andrea. Your ears are ringing.”
“Shut up, Johnny. I hear it too. She’s right. There’s nothing out here but my cottage. Maybe someone’s in trouble. Maybe someone’s come off the road. I’ll grab a couple of flashlights from the porch and we’ll go and have a look. The ground is very uneven. You stay here Andrea keep everyone fed and watered, Johnny and Paul can come with me. We’ll be back in no time.”
“I heard the horn, Adam, so I’m coming with you. Let Paul or your girlfriend look after your guests. I’m not a servant.”
“Okay, okay, we’ll all go, but don’t moan if you break a heel.”
Can hardly see. Blood in my eyes. Can’t wipe it away. Lights. I see lights. Someone’s coming. Put my head on the horn again. They’re coming. Thank God. Someone’s coming.
“If you hadn’t heard that horn Andrea, nobody would know he’s here. Can you hear me mate? Can you move? Are you in pain.”
“Lift his head off the steering wheel, Johnny. God, there’s a lot of blood. I can smell petrol. We have to get him out of this car.”
Monsters, I’m surrounded by monsters. They’re not human. I think I’m in Hell. God help me.
“Run back to the house, Andrea, quickly. Get Dr. Moreau. He’s the guy in the suit wearing a cravat. He’s a butcher. Tell him to bring the big carving knife from the kitchen drawer. We’ve got to cut this leg off if we’re ever going to get him out.”
“What a magnificent beast he is Adam. Look at the meat on that big boy. We can cook the leg on the barbecue and butcher the rest for the freezer. You’ll have meat for the next six months.”
The monsters are going to kill me. They’re going to eat me. I love you Gracie, I love you kids. Too weak to open my eyes. Everything is going black again. I don’t want to die.
I’m on a table, bright lights, moving fast, people running, shouting. Where am I? Is this the end.
“Hello, I’m Sergeant Wilson. May I come in? Lovely cottage you have here. Now Adam, can tell me what happened.”
“Of course Sergeant, but first have you heard anything? Is the guy going to be okay?”
“Thanks to you lot he’ll recover. It was a stroke of genius to cut the leg off that deer he’d hit so you could move it and then get him out of the car. And from what the fire chief said it was just in the nick of time. The car went up like a rocket. He’ll have some story to tell when he recovers. Saved by a group of zombies and film monsters.”
“Well, Sergeant, it is Halloween and we were having a party.”


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On special offer from Amazon at 99c /99p from 23 – 29 August – ‘Made a Killing’ – the recently re-released first novel of the Alex Warren murder mystery series by Zach Abrams .

Stabbings in Glasgow aren’t that unusual an occurrence , but it’s not to often you find an elephant tusk used as a murder weapon . The story begins.